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The new registration date for the 2017 ATHA Biennial will be held on Saturday, February 25th at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time. It will be posted on the ATHA Website, but you can help us by sharing this information with everyone you know. Our IT professional assures us that what happened today will be fixed and everything will go smoothly. Do be aware that everyone will be trying to get in at once, and you may have a delay in getting in but the whole system won’t go down. Again, I appreciate your patience and kindness as the Registration volunteers worked all day to get this sorted out. It was frustrating for them as well. Celia Esala, Co-Chair 2017 ATHA Biennial
<![CDATA[2017 ATHA Biennial Information]]>Wed, 15 Feb 2017 16:54:21 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/2017-atha-biennial-informationThe registration for the 2017 ATHA Biennial - Play Hooky in Cleveland begins tomorrow - Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM E.S.T. 

This is going to be a fun, educational and inspirational event.  If you haven't been been to our website to see all of the information, please go to http://www.atharugs.com/2017-biennial-cleveland-ohio

Please read everything very carefully and go to our website for additional information.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions and other information
  • Plan out what you want to do during the event.  There are some fabulous tours, an auction night dinner, our guest speaker dinner with Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia and so much more.
  • You will need to have a member login and password to register on the 16th.  The member login is your email.  Make sure you have set up an account at www.atharugs.com by going to the Member Log In at the top right corner of the page. 

  • One member per log in.  Multiple registrations, unless you are bringing your spouse, under one email will not work with this system.

  • If you do not currently have an email address, you can make a free account by going to https://mail.google.com/ 
    If you already have an email there is no need to make a new email account.
  • Your email address is the one you gave when you signed up for ATHA when you became a member.  If you do not know your password, click on Request Password.  You will be sent an email from "Heidi" with a link to reset your password.  You must click on the link in the email to to reset it.
  • You will pay with PayPal but you do not need an account.  You will check out as a guest and use your credit card. If you have a PayPal account you can use it.
  • If you have picked a class and it is full by the time you pay, (remember there are multiple people registering at the same time), you will be given notice that the class is full and you can then sign up to be on the waiting list.
  • There is a $75 fee to register for the Biennial event.  This does not include Special Events such as; the Alumni Luncheon, Auction Night/Dinner, Guest Speaker/Dinner.  There is also limited seats to those Special Events.

  • Class material fees will be paid directly to the teacher in advance of the Biennial. Teachers will be contacting registered students, please do not email your teacher until they contact you.
  • If we do not have you listed as a member, you will be charged the non-member price, so it is imperative to set up your account with ATHA to be sure that you are a member.  
  • If your email has changed, please notify us at wrrh119@gmail.com right away so we can get it fixed in the system.
  • If you decide to take a tour or attend any of the other events, days or months after you have registered, you can go back in to your account and add these items.  Please note, the tickets are limited, so don't delay.
  • Gluten Free meals are available.  There is a checkbox on each class for this option.  There is also an option to choose gluten free for the all of the dinners except for the Meet and Greet.

  • Tickets for $10 per person will be available at the door for a one-day pass on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the Vendors Marketplace and the Fiber Arts Exhibit.  Registered guests (those that pay the $75 registration fee) will be allowed access on all days Wednesday - Saturday.

  • We will have ATHA members available via telephone, (those numbers will be published on our website tomorrow morning), to answer your registration questions. You can also email us at wrrh119@gmail.com 
<![CDATA[Quilt-a-Fair]]>Sat, 17 Sep 2016 15:47:31 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/quilt-a-fairThis info came in from Kathy Gaul via Cheri Talbot

Friday and Saturday, September 23 and 24, 9 am to 5 pm
Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont

Admission - $5.00
Annual quilt show and vendor market sponsored by the Colorado
Quilting Council, Colorado's State Quilting Guild.  There are 70 vendors
from around Colorado and outside of the state,  selling quilting related
goods, including us - Meetinghouse Hill Designs - Wool Applique Pattern
Company - (we are from Colorado Springs).  We have dimensional wool applique
patterns and kits, rug hooking canvases, wool and related items.  Over the
last several years, there has been an increasing number of vendors at this
show who sell wool and related patterns and kits, and many quilt shops who
bring their "woolies" with them.  We hope many of you will come check out
this show, and stop by our booth to say hello as well!

Any questions, feel free to contact me: Kathy Gaul,
kathy@meetinghousehilldesigns.com <mailto:kathy@meetinghousehilldesigns.com>
; visit our website to see our work, www.meetinghousehilldesigns.com

<![CDATA[August 2016]]>Sat, 03 Sep 2016 14:52:44 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/august-2016CRFG members met on a fabulous Saturday at the Arvada Police station. Discussion centered around final preparations for the DENVER HOOK-IN which will take place on September 10th! Take a look at some of the fabulous door prizes to be given away in the slideshow below!

<![CDATA[June 2015 meeting minutes]]>Wed, 13 Jul 2016 12:54:22 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/june-2015-meeting-minutes2760330Meeting Minutes Saturday June 25, 2016
  1. Meeting was called.
  2. Gloria and Mary Ann were recognized and thanked for their service to the Guild as Treasurer and President.  They were presented with flowering orchids.
  3. Introduction of new guests-None noted
  4. Treasury update-Becky was not available.  Continue to give Gloria money until the treasurer position can be transitioned.
  5. Announcement of vacant Education Chair and request for a volunteer to fill this position.  None noted at this time.
  6. Hook in Update-Signup sheets for volunteering for various activities were distributed and returned.
    • Silent Auction to be chaired by Sharon G.  Silent Auction will be from 10am-2pm.
    • Food-Request for chair and two volunteers for set up.  Plan to order lunches similar to last year.  Food setup to occur at 1130 am.
    • Rug Show-Quink to chair with assistance from Andrea.  Quink will be recruiting 12-14 volunteers-two each hour plus set up and check in.  Rug show to be 10am-2pm.
    • Door-Beck to Chair.  Will need approximately  6 volunteers
    • Raffle-Chris and Amy.  Speaker from the Arvada Police Dept to occur at Noon.  Looking for one person to sell tickets at the hook in up to the raffle event.  Chris S reviewed the details and expectations that she is able to account for every ticket and the money associated with the details.  Now that Chris is back you can obtain tickets from her and turn in sales results and stubs to her.
    • Table décor and door prizes are being taken care by Tammy, Kim and Mary Ann.  Mary Ann relayed that we were short a few hooked pieces and handed out more blanks with requests to hook them and return by next meeting.
    • Vendor Set-Up Need 4 volunteers to arrive at 6:30am
    • Beginner Classes- Mary Ann will be teaching.  Looking or 1-2 volunteers.  Classes to occur at 11am-12pm and 1pm-2pm.
    • Communication liaison will be Mary Jo.
    • Programming-Amy
    • Mass email announcing Hook-In to be sent shortly and postcard announcements to be distributed shortly.
  7. Discussed the idea of having demos or play days and requests for members to sign up to volunteer to lead a demo or play day.  Ideas presented were wool journals, Magdalena pattern drafting day, demos on rug finishing techniques.  Open to other ideas for fiber art project for members to participate in if they desire Sign-up sheet for the next year passed around. 
  8. Wool was cut for beginning class kits for the Hook In.
  9. Discussion of how to handle beginner kits and hooks.  Agreed that at the end of the class the beginner got the kit, we keep the hoops and the beginner has the option of either buying the hook or turning it in at the end of the class.
  10. Announcement of Sandy S sale to benefit Sandy’s grandchildren.  Occurring Thurs June 30 and Friday July 1 9:30-3.
  11. Reviewed location and dates and times of Cheryl B classes that will be occurring in July.  Pam requested that those attending get their lunch requests in soon.
Respectfully Submitted,
Linda I
Demo for Calendars
July 2016

August 2016

Sept 2016
Making Labels-Sherri Matz

Oct 2016

Nov 2016
Work on binding technique- Ginny W

Dec 2016

Jan 2017

Feb 2017

Mar 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

Volunteer Sign Sheet for Hook In:
Silent Auction-Chair Sharon G
  1. Sharon G
  2. Kathy F
  3. Pam Sisk
Cheri will also cover for Sharon as needed
Rug Show- Quink Chair
Quink will recruit.
Pam S, Ginny W (end of day), Linda I signed up to volunteer

Door-Chair Beck
  • 9-11
    • Gloria
    • Marilane McCarthy
  • 11-1
    • Ginny
    • Emily
  • 1-3
    • __________
    • __________
Beginner Classes- Mary Ann chair
  1. ______________
  1. ______________
  1. ______________
  1. ______________

Raffle-Chair Chris S
  • Rug Ticket Sales 9-Noon
    • ______________________

Vendor Set-Up-Amy Chair
  1. Joanna Brandt
  2. ________________
  3. ________________
  4. ________________


<![CDATA[┬áMay 2016 Meeting Minutes]]>Tue, 31 May 2016 17:32:16 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/may-2016May 28, 2016 Minutes of Colorado Rug and Fiber Guild               
  1. Meeting was called to order at 10am.
  2. Wool distribution and money collection from the annual wool buy occurred.  Thank you to Gloria, Mary Ann and Carol for cutting the wool and bagging it for distribution. Thank you to Sharon G for the paper bags used for distribution.
  3. Kit making for new students was discussed.  We need many kits for the Hook In.  It was decided to do the kit making in June during our meeting, so everyone bring your cutters and we will make short work of the project.
  4. Asked for volunteer for education chair.   Carol R has decided to step down from this position.  Members suggested that perhaps a committee rather than one person might make the work easier.  
  5. Planning for Hook-in:
  • Samples of this year’s table décor were shared and more patterns were distributed.  We need approximately 25 of these made.  Table décor committee requested that these be returned by June meeting so the committee can finish constructing them.
  • Sharon G requested more silent auction items.
  • Amy gave a vendor report.  We are looking for more vendors.  We usually have 13 and currently have 8 committed.
  1. Raffle Rug which benefits the Arvada Police Scholarship Program (Official title of program to be provided and a flyer on the organization to be developed to help assist in sales).  Members can check out tickets or they were on sale for members.  $2 each.  Drawing for the rug will be at noon at the hook-in and a member of the scholarship program will be present to discuss what they do and how the money will benefit the program.  Sharon Gunderson also made a lovely cloth tag for the raffle rug indicating the year and CRFG benefit rug.  Members that made squares for the rug were asked to sign the binding.
  2. Reviewed Cheryl B three classes that are being offered this summer.  Class sizes are limited to ten students.  If you have an interest talk to Ginny Waldera.  Classes are $195 each.  Dates of classes-class 1 July 11, 12, 13 Cupboard Shading and Landscape
July 15, 16, 17 Open class
July 25, 26, 27  Faces class
Class 1 and 2 will be at Kindred cottage and class 3 will be the Community room Arvada police station 64th and Kendrick
  1. A portion of the guild’s library was present.   Pam S reviewed that her plan is to rotate what is brought to each meeting.  Process to check out a book is to sign an index card, give it to Pam and then return the book at the next meeting.
  2. Membership voted to elect the slate from the nominating committee.
Elected were Amy Miller, President;  Linda Iriye, Vice President; Kim Urchek,  Secretary; Becky Worthington , Treasurer.
Respectfully  Submitted,
Linda Iriye

<![CDATA[February 2016 meeting minutes]]>Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:42:38 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/february-2016-meeting-minutesSaturday we had two new members join.  They both paid the National dues and the local dues for 2016.  They are Linda Bender. The 2nd person is Yvonne Bednarz.
I had 5 people pay their 2016 dues.  They are Dwala Canon, Kim Urchek, Tammy Sorenson, Julie Vannoy and Helen Horvat.
There were 3 visitors and they all brought something to work on.  They were Carol Balley, Karen Thompson and Mary Prout.  I don't know if they were previous visitors or not.
1.  Nomination Committee - Sharon Gunderson had already volunteered for the committee along with Cheri Talbot and Emily Scudder.
2.  Raffle license - we thanked Chris Sundberg for her work.  Chris said the license has to be renewed every year and it costs $100.00.  She has to file a report quarterly to the state even if we haven't sold any tickets.  Her first report is due March 30, 2016.  She said we need a separate bank account for the selling of raffle tickets.  Chris thinks she has to be on location whenever the Guild sells raffle tickets.

3.  Sew Expo - we have enough people for the Sew Expo booth, more are welcome.  No one knows where the banner is. 
4.  Townsend Cutter & Blades - Joanna was not at the meeting, so I brought the cutter and blades home.  Pam Sisk and Judy Peterson ? if we have the cutter/blades insured.  Judy & Pam brought up the fact the blades are marked CRFG and the blade size with magic marker.  Judy said she was at a camp where someone switched a blade with another student that wasn't in very good condition. 
5.  Wool Buy - Saturday, April 23rd.
6.  Cheryl Bollenbach Class - Pam Sisk, Ginny Waldera and Judy Peterson will handle the logistics of classes with Cheryl Bollenbach.  They are looking at July.  Cheryl said she wanted to know what kind of a class people want and if it would be a 2 or 3 day class.  It will be in Arvada.  Pam had people who were interested fill out a note card with what they would like to learn.  Cheryl said she could do faces, an open class, door project - you would work on a small project 3 days in a row that would fit on a door.  She said she could do an open class with anything from small cut to wide cut.  Pam got 12 replies from people in the room.  I told her she should send out an email to all the members.  Cheryl said she also had time in May and June.
7.  Pam Sisk brought in the Guild library with cards you could sign the books out.  I put out the Green Mtn Rug School brochures Mary Ann gave me.  Cheryl brought in postcards for the Estes Park Wool Market - June 9th & 10th. 
8.  Theresa talked about the Bead Show at the Mart and brought in a sign up sheet.  When it got back to Theresa only 1 person had signed up.
9.  The 2016 Hook-In was discussed.  Sharon Gunderson asked everyone for donations, anything fiber related.  Tammy & Kim have a group to work on table centerpieces. 
10. Demo - Pam did a demo of wool sheep with rusted carpenter nails as legs.  She had patterns for whoever wanted them and she explained how they are constructed.  She brought in wool for people to use for their sheep and embellishments for the sheep also.
11. Cheryl asked people to bring in primitive rugs for the March & April meetings.  The August/September issue of the ATHA magazine is all about primitive rug hooking.  The magazine will be 16 pages longer than normal.  She wants all the pictures she can get.  The issue will have articles and instructions from primitive rug hooking teachers.
12.  Kim Urchek was given recycled wool from someone that was moving and didn't want to take it with them.  The wool had been washed and it filled the whole aisle way of the room.  It was free and there was nothing left.  Thank you Kim!

<![CDATA[January 2016 meeting minutes]]>Fri, 04 Mar 2016 15:51:17 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/january-2016-meeting-minutesMeeting Minutes January 23, 2016
  1. Meeting was called to order and started with a wool drawing.  Three lucky members won two ¼ yard increments of wool.
  2. This is the month we collect our local dues- $24.00 checks made payable to CRFG.  New member roster will be shared as soon as it is compiled.
  3. A review of upcoming educational hooking opportunities was given:
    1. Green Mountain Rug School 2016.  Montpelier Vermont/  Will be 2 sessions of 4 days.  Session 1 occures June 18-21; session 2 occurs June 22-25.   Our own Cheryl Bollenbach is one of the teachers.  Flyers for this were passed out.
    2. Rock Creek Hook In and Rug Show in Lenexa, Kansas.  Occurs February 27, 2016 9am-3pm  For more information see the Rock Creek website.
    3. Hook In and Rug Show.  Kirkwood, Mo April 23  10-4  Registration forms and more information available on line at thewoolyloft.com
  4. No board members will be at the next meeting as they will be attending the Rock Creek Hook In.
  5. Maggie Bonanomi will be teaching applique at the Gatherings in Colorado Springs April 14-16, and teaching rug hooking April 18-20.
  6. Board requested 3 volunteers to form a nominating committee for our elections to be held this May.  Cheri Talbot and Emilee Scudder volunteered.  If you would like to  hold an office or be the 3rd member of the nominating committee feel free to contact Emilee or Cheri.
  7. Opportunities to demonstrate rug hooking were presented:
    1. Sew Expo Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2.  Members were requested to sign up for 3.5-4 hr slots.  In the past this has been a great venue to get more people involved in rug hooking.  All slots filled.
    2. Bead Show April 29 10-6 and  April 30 10-5.
    3. Gathering of the Guilds-occurs April 24 10-5 at the Boetcher Mansion on Look Out mountain.
  8. Treasurers report indicates we have approximately $8137.78 in the funds.
  9. Raffle license-  All of the material needed to get the license has been compiled.  Chris S will proceed to get our raffle license.  Ideally we would have our raffle license so we could display our raffle rug and sell tickets soon.
  10. Group Wool Buy-Would like to hold a group wool buy in April.
  11. Pam S brought some of our library books to the meeting.  If you want to sign out a book the process is to get the card out of the front of the book, sign it and then return it the next month.
  12. Carol R gave a report on the results of the voting for teachers for 2016.  Most requested was Janis Johnson followed closely by Cheryl Bollenbach.  Suggestions for possible teachers for 2017 included Sally Kallin and Judy Rippstein.
  13. Reminder that the 2016 Hook In is September 10, 2016.
  14. Motion from the floor to purchase the full complement of Townsend cutter blades.  We currently have 4,6, 8, 8.5.   Movement to purchase 3, 5, 7, 9, 9.5, 10 was approved.  Mary Ann G will proceed with purchasing.   
  15. Linda I demonstrated and shared the pattern for a hooked chicken.
  16. Anne has volunteered to demonstrate the different stitches she learned at the Biennial in San Antonio sometime in the fall.
Meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Iriye, Secretary

  • Rug binding and backing available at Guild meetings.  Contact  Quink Arlt in advance to order.


<![CDATA[December 2015 meeting minutes]]>Fri, 04 Mar 2016 15:45:57 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/december-2015-meeting-minutesDecember 26, 2015
As was previously agreed, no formal meeting occurred on December 26, 2016.   Five intrepid members who wanted to get together to hook and socialize were able to attend as the room continued to be reserved for our group.
Linda Iriye

<![CDATA[November 2015 meeting minutes]]>Fri, 04 Mar 2016 15:39:03 GMThttp://coatha.com/blog/november-2015November 28, 2015
As was previously agreed, no formal meeting occurred on November 28, 2016.   Those members who wanted to get together to hook and socialize were able to attend as the room continued to be reserved for our group.
Linda Iriye